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Cellframe SDK

[3.1-1] - 2022-04-28


•Threshold processing for PoA rounds

•Token format change

•Removed leading zeros

•CF20 standart for ledger

•Bridge extract format change

•Emssion TSD sections extracion

•Corrections for datum and events printing

•Processing PoA rounds for root role only

•Sync groups refactoring

•For each network generate it's own address

•Sync the selected network only

•Pin and Upin records in the GDB

•Stability changes

•New GDB format

•Removing bad addresses from database


[3.1-1] - 2022-04-28


•Merkle hash

•Fee outputs

•Bridge filter prototype


•Signs counter

•Explicit typecast for c++ compiler

•Increment for dereferenced pointer

•Default autoprocessing for master and root nodes

•Proc queue debug messages

•DAG sign command

•Transactions to the ledger and the ledger to the trashhold

•Datum dump in a single place

•Datum check in blocks with auto_proc

•Emission double spend check

•Info of spent emissions in ledger cache

•Emission check before adding

•Check emission signature with base tx signature

•DAP separate broadcasting

•GDB history from code


•Block sign verify to ton in PoA mode

•Queue for GDB records broadcating

•Chain atoms queue for sync broadcasting

•Signs check by unique and validate in DAG-PoA and block-ton

•Rwlock to block cache


•Dag-PoA protocol

•TSD creation

•Native token token_emit operation bug

•Syncronization for gdb, ton and blocks

•256 bit digit to string and back conversion

•Math compilation

•Memory leak

•Operations with token

•Signing tokens

•Datum size

•Bridge API emission extract

•Save atom to file

•Windows compiler warnings

•Linux builds

•MacOS builds

•Global DB log list

•cli command for base TX

•Memory leaksin crypto modules

•Async DB I/O and priority of queues

•Crash on command tx_history

•GDB error not applied

•Empty GDB group

•TON broadcasting

•Broken blocks

•Capital fix for PoA rounds

•Reconnect when DNS server is not responding

•Homebrew include path for MacOS

•Libzip dependency

[3.1] - 2022-04-01


Minor changes Cellframe-SDK and Python-SDK


• Null de-reference in `dap_store_unpacket_multiple`

• Out of bound access while handling event on DAG_POS chain network

• Integer overflow in function `s_stream_ch_packet_in`

• Integer overflow leads to out of bound write

• Unauthorized overwrite root certificate by path traversing

• Misunderstanding C calling convention leads to a remote code execution on mempool

• Double free when freeing enc_http_delegate->request_str

• Heap-overflow on dap_http_user_agent

• Integer overflow when parsing URL

• Out-of-bound write when deserialize public key

• Invalid pointer when freeing public key data

• Null dereference when generating shared key

• Invalid pointer access when generating shared key

• Out-of-bound read in dap_enc_get_type_name

• Remote code execution on node server

Cellframe Dashboard

[2.6-6] - 2022-04-26


·Reduced the node's automatic synchronization frequency to 5 minutes


·Fixed an issue where the node's connection was lost due to out-of-date GDB files

[2.6-5] - 2022-04-24


·Added automated node synchronization every 20 minutes

·Updated the node version of the build to 88

·Updated the prod build


[2.6-0] - 2022-04-09


• Redesigned log list updates, removed the use of system alerts about changes in the contents of the log file

• Implemented automatic updating of the balance of wallets and the history of the «Last Actions» panel

• The amount of data requested from the node has been reduced by adding a new command to request a separate wallet. This allowed to reduce CPU utilization

• Implemented automatic updating of the transaction list

• Implemented automatic updating of the list of wallets in Settings panel

• Visually redesigned the block with the order in VPN client panel

• Redesigned the LastActions page. All transactions are now sorted by date and by wallet


• Fixed a bug with the lack of connection to the node by notify for Windows

• Fixed a bug that caused a non-existent token to be displayed when performing a translation

• Fixed a bug that caused a log file not to be created on Linux and Mac

• Fixed a bug due to which the wallet list was not updated when manually deleting the wallet

• Fixed a bug with an empty element in the list of networks

• Fixed a bug due to which long wallet names not fit on the General panel

• Fixed a bug due to which the command history on Mac was not displayed

• Fixed a bug due to which there was no possibility of going to TX explorer

• Fixed a bug due to which the transaction history with new arithmetic not fit on panel in the DapApp extension

[2.5-0] - 2022-03-18


• Launched Notify Socket

• Added notification about the loss of connection with node

• Added automatic reconnection to the node when the connection is lost

• Added features to import certificate. ‘Add signature’ button was deleted

• Added network selection menu in Settings. With this feature you can change the address of the copied wallet and place certificates in the mempool in different networks

• Added node connection status bar


• Fixed issue with a flashing "info" indicator in the field with a certificate

• Fixed issue with the wallet address not updating when changing the network

• Fixed issue when a non-existent chain was selected when transferring between wallets

[2.4-0] - 2022-03-03


• Added complete close of the app by pressing "closing icon"

• Added settings for android build

• Improved quality of icons

• On the Console tab, we added automatic scrolling to the bottom of the output when response is received from the node

• On the TX-history, we added the ability to open a transaction on the website when clicking on the transition icon in the dashboard

• Added filtering by a network. It is possible to navigate to the transaction website only for the transactions performed within the subzero network

• Modified bottom network panel to better networks scrolling function


• Fixed launching the dashboard service in the Console

• Improved performance by adding a limited buffer (8000 characters per message) to output data from the node

• Fixed autocomplete bugs. Console input now reacts properly to up/down arrows and does not overlay the autocomplete text on the text of the entered command

• Fixed a bug that crashed during the dApp activation on a Mac

• Fixed a bug that caused incorrect removal of unverified plugins in the Unverified filter

• Added filtering by certificate name when uploading certificates to the dashboard, and now certificates with name in Cyrillic will not be loaded

• Added a limitation on displayed character length in network names on the Network Panel

• On the VPN service tab we fixed an error in showing the order creation window

[2.3-1] - 2022-02-22


• Added full closure of the application by clicking on the "X" button

• Added build settings for android

• Added automatic scrolling to the very bottom of the console output when the node response is arrived

• Added a button to go to TX explorer


• Improved performance by adding a limited buffer (8000 characters per message) to output data from the node

• Fixed autocomplete bugs. Now the console input responds normally to the up/down arrows and does not superimpose the autocomplete text on the text of the entered text

[2.3-0] - 2022-02-22


• Reworked application fonts

• Icons updated

• Added logo clickability

• Added autocomplete commands in Console

• Added current cellframe-dashboard build version to the Settings page

• Updated the log loading indicator

• Improved indicators animation. Now they work in sync


• Fixed application launching without starting a service

• Certificates, Wallets, Settings, dApps redesigned to match the layout

• Fixed bug with infinite loading of logs

• Fixed bug with crashing

Cellframe Node

[5.1-98] - 2022-04-28


•Downlinks broadcasting

•Extended logging for mempool proc

•Few stability changes

•New GDB format

•Removed bad addressed from database


[5.1-98] - 2022-04-28


•TON module

•Сerttificate support

•Signs counter

•Mainnet configs and certs

•Backbone and Mileena configs and certs

•TON certificate authorization

•Static genesis event

•Datum check in blocks with auto_proc parameter

•Emission double spend check

•Debug output for notifier

•Voting channel message limit

•Dag-round broadcast

•Block sign verify to ton in poa mode

•Signs check by unique and validate in dag-poa & block-ton

•Rwlock to blocks cache

•Threshold processing for PoA rounds

•Static build with libzip for Linux

•Perfomance optimization

•Two new networks: Mileena and Backbone

•Merkle hash

•Fee output

•TON blocks

•CF20 token declaration

•Updated cellframe and python SDK

•TSD emission

•Corrections for datum & events printing

•Remove broadcast in dag round


•Ton address list

•Ton validators list

•Command token_emit

•Few depends


•TON parameters

•Cellframe-sdk compilation problem


•Configs for node





•Math compilation


•Datum size

•Math conversion

•PoA rounds

•MacOS builds

•Homebrew for MacOS


[5.1-11] - 2022-03-29


• Updated Cellframe and Python SDK

• Added TON module

• 256-bit arithmetic

• Asynchronous write to the database

• Delegated stake service

• Whitelist for sync groups

• Improved access to private networks by certificate


• Fixed few depends

• Fixed few problem with syncronization

• Fixed private tokens issues

• Fixed Cellframe-SDK compilation problem

[5.0-40] - 2022-03-23


• Added Minkowski network configuration files

•Removed obsolete Tesla crypto algorithm to support token and certificate creation

•Added validation of wallet name for alphabetic characters only


[5.0-47] - 2022-03-15


• Added paid mode for services (VPN, etc)

• Added service client

• Updated Cellframe and Python SDK: added wrappers and plugins


• Bug with client-socket on Mac OS

• Keep-alive in stream and sync

• Deadlock in ledger